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We focuse on the issue in research problems in all premises, as well as corrective measures, as well as planning for revisions implementations.

Also, condition surveys are an important part of our know-how, condition surveys create a basis in connection with real estate marketing, real estate studies done very precisely is in everyone's interests fr your home.

For 32  years we have been working 
 on the principle the best for your home and we can also help with all the solutions related to your home or housing, iwith suspected mold problem or maybe leakage in the pipeline or other everyday lproblems, our solutions and research. ALWAYS at a fixed price.

Hartam is a Finnish company, which is owned by Ulf Hartell.

Hartam  roots goes back to 1942 when Runar Hartell (my grandfather).

established a carpentry in Kokkola and started after the war, the furniture manufacturing for now known ASKO company.

Ulf Hartell the grandson founded in 1989 the first company and the activities continue now with the name Hartam at which we bear a great responsibility and pride.

When we started in 1989 in the following sectors , mold removal and moisture management as well as drainage and water damage repairs.

This idea still apply to this day. Our motto "the best for your home," says a lot about the way we work.

We offer our customers service packages that help you ensure a healthy home, a safe owner exchange, the purchase of a new home while minimizing the risks.

We currently operate in Kokkola, Ylivieska, Pietarsaari region + 60 km.

a comprehensive real estate / apartment or villa survey  with 32 years experience at a fixed price.


The entrepreneur Ulf Hartell says.

In Kokkola I founded my first company in 1989 that specialized in real estate measurements, damage control, and to locate any problems.

Clients have been. Municipalities, municipal rental apartments, real-estate agents, all insurance companies, municipal hospitals  and individuals to name a few ..

Documented works, more than 9000. Year 1992-93 VTT studies were carried out in cooperation with microbic, fungi repairs / chemical pesticides.


Please check out our website and presented to our projects, examples of the picture on the website.

We believe that our services can be  better and more efficient, then we serve our customers to highest standards.

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(Finnish, Swedish, English, Spainish).

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